Radio communications network project


A mobile radio communications network project is absolutely necessary in case of either designing a new network or in case of extending the existing one. The main objective of the project is to select the particular elements of a communications system in such a way which would allow it to meet three conditions before accomplishment of formalities:

Execution of a communications network tasks.

A communications network can be used to broadcast voice, picture or telemetric data. The communications can be executed in either analogue or digital mode, at the user’s choice standard, either in an encrypted or clear form. There can also be different requirements concerning, for instance, addressing correspondence, reliability of the connection or the network capacity. The designer’s main objective is to find such a technical solution that would most satisfy the investor’s expectations and would not destroy his budget at the same time.

An appropriate coverage of a radio communications network.

The coverage of a mobile radio network determines its utility. Even an ideally selected technical solution may turn useless in practice if the network coverage is not wide enough. The expected functionality must be guaranteed in the whole area where the services are provided, e.g. a radio monitoring system must operate effectively on the territory of the whole county. An MTV software, designed especially in this purpose, is used in order to predict radio waves propagation over a given area. Depending on the calculations results, we are able to design appropriate aerial systems and determine the height of fitting the antennas. On this stage of a designing process, it is possible to predetermine the parameters of some radio devices.

Compliance with biding legal regulations.

Each company or an organization possessing a special radio permit issued by UKE (Office of Electronic Communications), where all the rules of the network exploitation have been described, can become an mobile radio network user. In each case, the communications system that is being used must comply with the biding legal regulations as well as with particular conditions described in the radio permit. A communications network project is an essential element of the required specifications while applying for a radio frequency allocation in the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE).
The radio communications network project allows to assess costs of the whole enterprise, make all necessary corrections concerning each of the mentioned conditions, just before investing into purchasing equipment or beginning all the administrative procedures.

Project assumptions verification.

Results of planned calculations can be verified either by means of doing communications tests in the field or by means of measuring an electromagnetic field strength in specified points of a network. Measurements can be done indoors or outdoors with the use of either measuring receivers made by Rohde & Schwarz or with the use of a spectrum analyser equipped with calibrated aerials set made by Anritsu. Pictures show exemplary test-benches.

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