Servicing radio communications equipment


Radiotelephones as well as antenna systems we sell are all branded-products whose names are synonyms of quality and durability. However, each equipment, even the most reliable one can get broken, especially while working in hard and demanding conditions.

Each supplier of any equipment is obliged to provide a warranty and post-warranty service of all products they deliver. “PERFECT Sp. J.” approaches the topic very seriously, with an appropriate respect. We possess our own, perfectly equipped radio service working according with implemented some time ago and recertified every year, norm – ISO9001-2015.

In a great majority, in our work we base on Motorola equipment, therefore our service is fully prepared to repair radiocommunications devices of this manufacturer. We do warranty repairs of the equipment we have delivered. As a part of a post-warranty service, we repair, check and modernize devices used for radiocommunications with full accordance of an investor’s expectations.

Our radiocommunications services include:

  • Repairing radiotelephones.
  • Repairing repeater systems.
  • Radiotelephones and repeater programming.
  • Updating firmware.
  • Radiotelephones and retransmitting stations modernization.
  • Fitting supplementary modules, activating licenses.
  • Adjusting radiotelephones to make them co-operate with extrinsic devices.
  • Doing tests and measurements of radiotelephones.
  • Doing measurements and conditioning of batteries.
  • Tuning and measuring of: filters, duplexes, circulators etc.

Apart from our standard services, we also perform activities requiring work away from our head-office, i.e. at our client’s. We install communications systems in construction objects, also the high ones and in all types of vehicle fleets. We also conduct periodic inspections of radio communications networks.

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