Trainings – Radio Communications


A communications system project appropriate to its needs and the right installation of its stationary and mobile components is a part of a success. However, a fully efficient communications project is unable to work properly without competence of its users, therefore our offer also includes fully customised trainings concerning exploitation and programming of radiotelephones. Since, in the majority of cases, our clients belong to the public security sector (services of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Police and Army) the problem with the appropriate programming of the purchased equipment often arises. For obvious reasons, due to the character of work, these clients are interested in programming their radiotelephones on their own. In case of digital radiotelephones, which currently possess a huge number of setting-up options and show quick functionality development, a lot of doubts and questions concerning their right exploitation, servicing and programming arise.

To meet our clients’ needs we run customized trainings helping the users to operate, programme and service the devices they have purchased. A general objective of the trainings that are run by our company is to extend theoretical and practical knowledge, develop basic technical skills as well as to teach them how to demonstrate and communicate the tools for setting up/programming their radiotelephones. All trainings are organized at the client’s business premises and their contents and duration are always preliminarily agreed with the client. The programme and the contents of the trainings always match with the client’s needs and requirements. Each time, signing the contract for conducting any training is preceded by signing the agreement for processing personal data (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR)

There exist no failure-free systems, therefore apart from training people responsible for operating communications systems we also run periodical inspections of radio communications installations. Such inspections allow to prevent building up the effects of various damages and minimize the danger of lack of communication found especially in a critical moment, i.e. when it is most desired.

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