Why is it worth buying radiotelephones from us?


1. A 30-year history of “PERFECT Sp. J.” company is well-documented by all the possessed certificates and reference letters. For years, many national institutions (Army, Police, Fire Brigade, Gas and Electricity distributing companies – PGNiG, PGE -, the Polish Medical Air Rescue, Medical Transport, various Ministries, Diplomatic Representations etc.) have been benefitting from the services we offer.
2. Our offer is complex. Beginning with technical consultancy, through execution of Land Mobile Radio Service network technical documentation and obtaining radio frequency allocation, installation and activation of the communications system, ending with a post-warranty services of the purchased equipment.
3. Since 1997 we have been in possession of Motorola company authorization – a leading manufacturer of a radio communications equipment. Non-stop, for almost twenty years we have been selling Motorola radiotelephones and accompanying them accessories. The manufacturer’s authorization together with our longtime market experience can be a guarantee of a quick and reliable delivery of our clients’ orders.
4. Since 2000 we have been a licensed user of MTV software from National Institute of Communications in Wrocław. By means of the mentioned above software, we have already done a few hundred propagation studies including complex multi-object calculations.
5. Since 2008 we have also been in possession of the authorization of HYT company, in 2011 rebranded into Hytera, which is, similarly to Motorola, considered to be a prestigious radio communications equipment producer.
6. Since 2016 we have had the Quality Management System, certified by ISO9001:2015 and AQAP2110:2016, implemented. In the same year we obtained a certificate of a NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code NCAGE number: 3425H.
7. In 2017, “PERFECT Sp. J.” company obtained a license number B-059/2017 issued by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, allowing to trade goods and technologies dedicated to military and police.
8. We perform all the services connected with fitting aerial systems in construction objects and high buildings. We also execute the submitted projects and installations. A perfect example of the above is the executed in the year 2000 installation of Tetra terminals together with designing and fitting all the required installation accessories in 400 police cars in Warsaw.
9. We are in possession of a perfectly equipped radio communications service centre accredited by Motorola and Hytera companies, which allows to execute even the most complicated repairs and deliver spare parts independently.
10. Twenty five years of our close and successful co-operation with Motorola clearly shows that our work is treated very seriously and that we head for something more than only maximizing our sales simultaneously lowering its costs. Each of our clients, regardless to how big their order is, can be absolutely certain to receive from us a reliable and friendly service, at the moment of putting an order as well as at the time the order has been delivered.

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