Formal and legal support


There is no way to plan the execution of an RRL network project without taking into consideration current legal regulations that govern these issues. The regulations clearly state who has the right to apply for a radio frequency allocation, what conditions must be met and what kind of documents must be submitted. The institution which represents a lawmaker and to which every single entity is supposed to apply for a radio frequency allocation is Office of Electronic Communications (UKE – formerly PAR, URTiP). The applications, which have been mentioned earlier, are submitted to local branches of UKE (Office of Electronic Communications) appropriate to the place where the business has been registered.


Apart from corresponding to statutorily determined conditions, each applicant is obliged to submit appropriate technical specifications of the project complying with the requirements of the Office. The specifications, submitted by the applicant, must contain a detailed justification of using radio communications in his company and a description of his business activities as well as the network development plans. He is also supposed to determine the number and type of the devices he is going to exploit.


The submitted technical specifications should contain RF propagation predictions, base stations location and maps of EMF layout. All the assumed calculations must comply with the directives of UKE (Office of Electronic Communications). After all the required documents have been submitted, the decision of UKE allowing to start the network based on the conditions determined in the permit, have been issued and all necessary fees have been paid, the applicant is entitled to begin the execution of the technical part of the project. In order to do this, he buys the equipment that must be in compliance with the conditions determined in the received telecommunications permit, next, also with the compliance with the permit conditions, he installs, activates and passes on both stationary and mobile elements of RRL network to be exploited by the users. At the same time, he is obliged to send a special report to UKE informing about all the taken actions.

You can delegate dealing with all formal procedures to us.

It will definitely save your time as well as shorten the period of waiting for issuing the decision by the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE). We will look after picking all the documents required by UKE concerning technical aspects of the project, such as conformity declarations of the devices, technical instructions etc., as well as all formal issues related to the company applying for the permit. All the submitted certificates are the authenticated copies of the original documents. All necessary documentation ready to be submitted turns out to be quite a high pile of various forms and certificates.

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